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Get Recruited

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The Process

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me or click Edit Text. It's easy  to make it your own.


Get Recruiting advice and how to navigate through the recruiting process, Do's and Don't and how to get the most out of your recruitment!


 One time Fee

$ 25.00

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Build Your Brand

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me or click Edit Text. It's easy  to make it your own.


Gain traction and Get recruited. Your brand is important college need to know who you are 

 One time Fee

$ 50.00

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3 Star DE/OLB on Recruiting:

" Definitely hard work during the season to get good film and then my grades are what help seal the deal for some school."

Film Evauluation

               One time Fee

Coach Green will personally evaluate your film strength, area of improvement and projected level of play as well as make a social media post highlighting your intangibles .


                        $ 9.99

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                           Recruiting Profile /Resume

                                        One time Fee

*Coach Green will submit  profile information containing Prospects eval  to his college coaching contacts to ensure  exposure

*Coach Green will make social media posts with profile links to be seen by the tons of coaches that follow him

*Complete Recruiting Profile  on website

*Copy/Paste link for athlete to send profile to college coaches and recruiters

Allows registered college coaches and recruiters to see contact information, athletic information, view videos, highlights, and your academic profile

* Coaches will views our recruits on website the ability to see name, position, height, weight, school and HUDL film always available.

                                              $ 175.00

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DL Taveon Wheeler signed with LIU


" Green Zone Preps  Recruiting is the way to Go!"


Personal Recruiting Coordinator Package

                                   One time Fee

*Manage your recruiting process from start to end

*Send film directly to college coaches 

*Update prospect profile to be sent to college all levels contacts.

*athletic evaluation.

*Build/update profile 

*Suggest Camps.

*Assist with scheduling visits

*Narrow down next level options.

*Assist with registering for NCAA eligibility center.

* Formulate College list

*Social Media marketing

*Discuss options to enhance chances of being recruited

*Advise on committing, etc.

Headi$ 250.00             $ 650.00

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$250 for high school senior or $650 for your high school career

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