Under-Rated Prospects

Coach Green | Green Zone Preps Recruiting Inc. @coachGreen_3

Here are some of the areas Underrated Prospects who deserve some recognition! They ball out and nobody really mention these prospects when you talk about guys that make it happen!

* No specific order

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  1. Montravius Lloyd RB /OLB [Lakewood High School]

Lloyd started out hot scoring 4Tds in the 1st game for the Spartans. An injury derailed what might have been a historic season. Now thats he's back, and just like that he's becoming a threat again in the backfield for the Spartans.

Last Week: 2 Tds against Lakeland Dreadnaughts.

2. Andre Hall ATH [Boca Ceiga High School]

Hall is a true ATH when it comes to being a dynamic player on the field. He has big play ability and is a prospect that will thrive at the next level. I love the way he make defenders miss in the open field and get to the endzone. Look for the kid as I know he'll turn heads at the next level!