The Gurney's -2022 Versatile ATHs

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The Seminole High Warhawks Seminole, FL inherited two Athletes that have completely changed the trajectory of the program adding a much needed boost to the ball club! 2022 athletes, Connor Gurney and Garrett Gurney, has the warhawks boasting a record of 2-1 early on. The two transferred over from near by Largo High school Largo, FL and it has been a perfect fit from day one! There's no second guessing who they are when they're out on the gridiron, No.5 and No.1 brings an unmatched attitude that permeates throughout the defense and offense while displaying their physicality on their opponents. They have worked hard this offseason and its paying off! Connor Gurney leads the defense and is a prospect that smaller schools should take notice of real soon. As a LB he plays with instincts and is on almost every play as he constantly causes disruptions in the backfield for opposing ball carriers. Garrett Gurney commands the offense as he is the captain that leads the troops at Quarterback. Garrett simply makes plays with his arm and his legs with the ability to keep plays alive and extend plays. He also is a force on the defensive side of the ball.

The Gurney's has their eyes set on this week big rivalry as they host the Pinellas Park Patriots, This will be no doubt their biggest game to date, as the Patriots boasts a loaded defense and is a juggernaut on the offensive side of the ball. This one means a lot and it will be a test for sure. I had the opportunity to speak to both brothers and these were their thoughts on the game:

Connor Gurney " I'm ready, we want to prove we are a different team and I'm pumped for this game"

Garrett Gurney " I know a lot of the players that the Patriots have, their good , but we will play our best and give them everything we got"

The Gurney's look to turn this season into a success story and believe they have the team to do it. Young and hungry is what we can expect Thursday night as they take the field. Lets take a closer Look at the Gurney brothers

Connor Gurney 2022 LB/RB 5'11" 205 3.3 GPA