Did they get the Rankings right?

PALMETTO FL- Tampa Bay Home Team has just wrapped up their annual top 100 rankings of the bay areas premiere prospects from the local public and private high schools including (Hillsborough, Pasco, Hernando and Pinellas) counties. As no surprise a majority of the athletes are from the Hillsborough county area (50). However the list includes top prospects from Pinellas whose rankings seems a little skewed. Coming in at (#41. ) is Dual-Threat QB Greg "Deuce" Spann (Lakewood H.S) a versatile QB that has major D1 offers, I expected him to be in the 30th range at least.

Lawrance Toafili RB (Pinellas Park H.S) is the number 1 prospect according to Home Team but, is he really? Don't get me wrong, I love the kid and all he possesses as a player but is he the top player in the Bay Area? His skill set is among the top in the country, Does the RB have what it takes to continue his reign as the no. 1 Prospects as the season approaches maybe he will maybe he won't, we'll find out?

The ultimate question however is "Did they get the rankings right?" In my personal opinion i feel some players were to high on the list and some were to low. Others may beg to differ but when it comes to rankings, what is the deciding factor that make or breaks a prospects ranking? I've spoken with several prospects and most have said even though they respect their perspective rankings they felt they were a little inaccurate. After reading through the list what do you think? Here are a few prospects I thought should've been lower rated on this list. No. 41 DT-QB Greg "Duece" Spann (Lakewood) No. 49 PP-QB Harold Cook III (Calvary Chr) No. 11 OLB Jayion McCluster (Largo) and No. 88 CB Keylen Gulley (Largo).

Question: Why is the No 1 LB in the 2021 class ranked (60) or why are there athletes playing in lower classed (private schools) ranked lower than athletes that play in big time public schools? It just doesn't add up to me. I've compared the home team rankings to those of rivals and 247 sports and they were a little off. How much do rankings play apart in a kids development/recruitment? I know were focused on a specific area versus an whole state but the facts remain based on a prospects abilities and attributes.

Heres a breakdown of the Prospects

*Pinellas County players (37)

*Hillsborough County Players (50)

* Pasco County Players (8)

* Hernando (5)

*School most Represented

Armwood, High School seffner (8)