Which School (FL) is most Respected?

It seems as if my simple little tweet, has fired up some fans of both the Knights and the Bulls, and who can blame them as we all have began to get that itch of football. We can feel it running through our veins. Never-the-less Both schools has had recent success, on the field, however as of late the Knights have really been the Top dawg in the State, that's including the Big 3 (UF, Miami & FSU).

What's your view and don't hold back

This is the part I enjoy the most right here, the fan interaction. The smack talk leading up to the season, and the anticipation of every off-season hiccup each school may have. I want fans to be very colorful and tasteful, but yet respectful as the leave comments to this post. I merely know that this is a bit early to write such a post but I truly believe that the earlier you began to start the smack talk the more the season becomes that much more important to each fan. USF fans are looking for payback and UCF fans are looking for dominance once again!

What say You (Bulls/Knights)

Let us know why you feel the way you do! Add stats, records, facts, what ever it takes to truly prove your point on your school. This is a way to find out more about the school you root for every Saturday. Let the fun began! See you guys in Orlando on the 29th of November!



(#UCF #USF #RespectUS)

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