Catching Up with 4-Star ATH Keyvone Lee

GZP got an opportunity to sit and talk to the 4-Star ATH about his commitment and where he stands with the Florida Gators! Amped is the word that comes to mind when speaking with the 4-Star ATH Sunday night, this is what he had to say during our Q&A.

GZP: What's the plans for this upcoming summer?

KL: I plan to hit camps Most likely "The Opening" Eugene, Oregon & Under Amour Camp.

GZP: How Solid are you to the Gators?

KL: I would say 110% I ain't going nowhere!

GZP: What position will you most likely play at UF?

KL: Either RB or LB they will try me at both

GZP: I see your a 4-Star ATH are you shooting for the 5th?

KL: Not really if I get it I get it, Stars really don't matter to me

GZP: What the most attractive about UF right now?

KL: The Atm