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Will the arrival of Coach Prime affect Recruiting in the state of Florida?

By: Green Zone Staff Follow: @CoachGreen_3 |

#WeComing! are the sentiments that is being echoed throughout the facilities in Boulder, Colorado by the Colorado Buffalo players and coaching staff as coach Prime has infectiously been a menace on the recruiting trail and in the portal. After landing former No.1 prospect a year ago in #ATH Travis Hunter (Jackson State) now currently with Colorado, no one would've imagined coach Prime would again, be at the forefront of flipping yet another highly profiled prospect. Yes, prime did it again as he went into the heart of Florida and plucked No.1 DB prospect, Cormani "Money" McClain! (@CormaniMcClain2).

Now the issue isn't the fact that coach prime was able to come in late to the party and take a kid from Florida, because there are tons of prospects in the sunshine state. The worry is how was prime able to land a 5star prospect that had been an early University of Florida lean who would eventually committed to in-state rival Miami hurricanes? Some would say, its Prime, some of you would say its NIL, but if coach Prime was able to do this in consecutive years with the top recruits, you have to ask yourself who's next?

Its almost as if, whatever coach prime wants he'll get it. He has all the right people in place to make it happen. Schools like UM, FSU and UF now have to consider Coach Prime a major threat when it comes to recruiting the best prospects in the state of FL. Travis Hunter and Cormani McClain are just examples of what happens when Prime enters into the conversation.

Now this is just my observation. I want to hear from you prospects and recruiting analysts. Do you feel Coach Prime is a threat to the schools in FL? Please leave comments and let me know?

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