Spartans gets Big Boost In 3 star utility player Tra'quan Johnson!!

Updated: Aug 17


Recruiting Analysts

Green Zone Preps caught up with 3 star utility player Tra'quan "Megatron" Johnson to conduct an exclusive interview to see if there was any truth to the rumbles that he had indeed made the switch over to the Spartans a crosstown rival. This could be huge if the answer was yes. As he began to talk about the season and how things would go, he slid in the fact that he did indeed make the move over to Lakewood high. The 6'1" 210 ATH is one of the areas best and he is joining an already stacked team that now has the potential to find themselves competing for a state title. Now with the addition of Johnson the Spartan add an aggressive, physical all-around athlete that will play on both sides of the ball and his presence will definitely be felt. This was considered a "Business Move" for the 3star prospect and he has unfinished business to take care of. He will be an immediate impact and I believe his traction with several college will grow a bit. The Spartans add another piece to what is the making of a star studded team but there is also another side of this that will be greatly impacted and that's how will Gibbs make up for the loss of an important piece of the puzzle. With an abundance of talent themselves Gibbs has the potential to still win games and make the playoffs with players such as De'Von Walton, Sammy "Lucky" Miller and Marcus Calvin but the ability to beat Lakewood will most likely take a step back. Coach Louis Murphy definitely has the coaching ability and fire to lead his team regardless of circumstances so we at Pinellas Highschool Media Group and Green Preps Recruiting will be intrigued to watch any new players stepping forward and the ability for Coach Murphy to continue flourishing in his role to bring Gibbs back to greatness.

Player Profile:

Tra'quan "Megatron" Johnson

Class: 2023

Position: RB/LB

Height: 6-1

Weight: 210

Hometown: St.Petersburg, FL

GPA: 2.83

Offers: Committed to Tennessee Tech University

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