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2022 Awards Best of the Best

Published 11/18/2022 CoachGreen_3

Pinellas County Top athletes have been awarded for their hard work both in the classroom and on the field. After a long tedious night of deliberation on several athletes we were able to determine our best possible picks for these awards! Congrats to the Student-Athletes chosen for the AWARDS! Voting compiled by [Pinellas HS Meia Group Green Zone Preps Recruiting]

Best Offensive Player

Why the Pick: Jeffery Jones simply amazed this year and was our top Offensive player. His numbers speak for themself but the thing I like most about Jones is what is lacks in size, he makes up with heart. Kid has the heart of a lion and on top of that is very humble. Jones like Newton is a young pup that has the county on notice, and he is headed in the right direction. Very elusive, and speedy playmaker that gets it done!

Stats: 1381 rushing yds, 755 passing yds, 15 Tds

Top Quarterback

Why the Pick: A pick by a landslide amongst the 12 voters the main comments when voters selected involved not only his talented arm but the level of competition that was faced. The numbers did not match last years performance but when provided the protection everyone around the county including coaches knew who the top signal caller was.

Stats: 157/286, 2090 yds, 17 TD/6 Int

Best Running Back

Why the Pick:

Not only the most consistent running back outside of Luke Yoder, Sammy Miller provided solid performances for an up and down Gibbs team every Friday for the last two seasons regardless of team played. Great feet, vision, and burst are a few attributes that you notice when playing against this running back but the ability to carry the load without frustration and class when on the field stick out as well.

Stats: 196 car, 1425 yds , 16 TD

Top Wide Receiver

Why the Pick:

Coming into this season Aviyon Mack-Smith was in our Top 50 and we stated that he had the ability to become a Top 10 player and that's exactly what he did. Speedy, shifty and great hands we saw what Mack-Smith could do two years ago when he had a huge spring game against East Lake but we also knew that he was playing behind great players such as Terrell Crosby and Amari Niblack. This season Mack-Smith was the #1 target for our top quarterback and regardless of matchup he provided a reliable target and problem for cornerbacks around Pinellas and the region.

Stats: 50 rec, 787 yds, 5 TD

Top Defensive Player

Why the Pick: Jerek Fields our top defensive player proved that he is one of the best in the county. He made sure he left his mark this season for the patriots. A smart instinctive prospect that loves the game of football. At 6'1" 220 he is your prototypical backer. He brings that energy every friday night and it shows on tape. His ability will land him on the big stage, and I look forward to a bright future for this dynamic playmaker.

Stats: 61 tkls, 155 TT, 8 sacks 4 Ints

Top Athlete

Why the Pick: Newton is the definition of "Dynamic" ! He is next level and he's only a sophomore. Newton can beat you with his arm or his legs. He already has several D1 Offers and I expect more to come. In his first full year being a starter, he has led his team to a 9-1 record, Now he looks to go win a championship for the Marauders. The sky is the limit for this top prospect.

Stats: 1620 pass yds 934 rush yds 17 Tds

Top Defensive Lineman

Why the Pick: One of the most underrated players in the county due to the surrounding talent on the Lakewood defense Wheeler has shown up as a constant threat when it comes to disrupting the quarterback and providing tempo for the Lakewood Spartans. Originally a 3 technique who switched to nose tackle when it was needed, Wheeler has provided the Spartans with 21 sacks over the last two years and 55 tackles for loss.

Stats: 48 tkls, 26 TFL, 11 sacks

Top Linebacker

Why the Pick: Hayes the 4star Linebacker is one of the best in the country. He proves it each time he's touches the field every Friday night. A fierce hitter that seeks out the ball carrier and delivers a blow. Right now, Hayes gives the packers a chance every time he's out there on the field. Has a long list of D1 colleges vying for his service, and can play at any school in the country

Stats: 46 tkls, 59 Asst 105 TT , 11 TFL

Top Offensive Lineman

Why the Pick: Thomas was a monster in the trenches for the east lake eagles. If Thomas wasn't sacking Qb's on the defensive side of the ball, he was opening holes for one of the county's best backs in Luke Yoder. A big kid that mauls defenders and has fun doing it. He can play anywhere along the line and has the quickness and ability to move for a kid his size. Big things are in the future for Connor Thomas.

Stats: 68 pancake blks

Top Defensive Back