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Has over 15 yrs of scouting and evaluating talent. Played collegiate and professional football and now owns his own Scouting/Recruiting Company. He was an 1st All-Mission Conference selection at Cerritos JC and was a top 

Ranked returner at West Texas A&M University signed with Calgary Stampede (CFL). CFL career was cut short; however, Green would excel in the AFL. He has coached at the high school level as well as in the pop warner circuit. He has been instrumental in assisting student-athletes to get to the next level.

Green Zone Preps Recruiting Inc. is a great service which provides personal assistance to prospects by a resource tool put together to give Prospects that may have slipped through the cracks the platform to put themselves in the forefront to gain more Exposure and get Recruited by Colleges and Universities around the country. Coach Green has worked with a great deal of student-athletes who are now playing at all levels collegiately.

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"I wanted to say Thank you coach, you were there for me in the time I needed the most help/guidance with my craft, I'm beyond thankful you opened up and replied to the email I sent you. All the things you said I need to work on to enhance my performance on the field, I worked on it everyday for countless amount of hours. They definitely payed off. I just needed someone to keep it real with me, not sugar coat anything and tell me exactly what my strengths and weaknesses were, so I want to give you a huge thanks for doing that, and helping me become a better player!"

What They Said

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“Dwayne green is a great man as well as an awesome helper during recruiting. If you're struggling during the recruiting process Dwayne will definitely be a tremendous help. He helped me get in contact with many schools who otherwise would never have heard of me and this provides many great opportunities. Once your name gets out there and a school is interested things start to snowball for you. Dwayne green was a great help in this process for me and if you need help as well Dwayne green is second to none".


"When I was in high school, we didn't have the type of services that Green Zone Preps provides to help spread our tape to the various colleges and universities. To compliment your hard work on the field, in the weight room, and in school, you should take full advantage of what Green Zone Preps provides for you."


Coach Green, Thank you for all you did for me and I am sorry for not getting back to you. I have been busy with Committing and signing with Oklahoma University. My dad has been really busy with work and got a new phone. Thank you for your support and everything you did for me. Thanks Dane.

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